Total Building Maintenance Ltd Installing a new charging point

How much does it costs to charge electric cars at home?

According to the Department for Business, the UK the average domestic electricity rate is about 17.2 p per kWh. However, this cost will vary across the United Kingdom with the North West paying a higher rate than most of the country.

If we take one of the most popular electric cars as an example, a Nissan Leaf with its electric range of about 180 miles** and the average electric rate of 17.2 p per kWh this means that you can drive approximately 200 miles for £9.00. Which in comparison to diesel (car depending) could cost you around £30. So there is a significant saving.

However, you will have an initial outlay, if you wish to have the luxury of an electric car changing point at home.

How much does a home electric charging point cost?

According to Nissan electric car charging points installation costs £199.00 on top of which you pay an electrician £190.00 for electric car charging point installation. All in all you’ll find that electric car charging points will cost you about £390 + VAT. Bit don’t be fooled by this cost some installers are quoting these prices based on you claiming the OLEV Government funded grant. The grant is worth up-to £350 per charging unit.

Like most Government grant schemes, the internet is filled with brokers and lead generators who swamp the Google Ad positions with cheap websites in order to get your business and sell your information to the installation businesses. So, if you want to find a cheaper deal, avoid these websites.

They’re easy to spot with domain names (website addresses) that usually represent a search term as opposed to a genuine business names. If the website has the word ‘grant’ in the name, it’s probably a lead generator website.

So what’s the real cost?

Well, whilst doing our research, we reached out to a company called Total Building Maintenance Ltd, who are based in Warrington. This is a respected company who are authorised installers by the Governments Office for Zero Emission Vehicles – you can find the full list here: EV Installers

We asked for quote and with the grant included the total cost was £445 including VAT. This was to supply and install the Rolec Wall Pod EV which also includes a handy smart app on your phone.

Find out more about their electric car charging installation here

What is the Government Grant Scheme for electric car charging points?

The Government recently announced plans to provide electric car drivers with up to £4,500 towards the electric car charging points installed at their home.

This has been introduced to encourage electric car drivers to go electric, as electric cars are much cheaper for the long run due to the low power costs.

However electric car charging points are not always that affordable, with most electric car owners having spent hundreds of pounds on electric car charging points installed at their home.

The government electric car grant provides up to 75% of the electric car charging Points cost, which is a massive amount that electric car owners will appreciate. Where you live and how big your electric car charging point installation is will affect how much you can claim back on electric car grants.

Electric cars are great for saving money on fuel costs over time as they have low fuel costs – so electric car electric car charging points are a great investment.

*Charging electric cars at home is limited to 22kW because that’s the maximum that electric electric car charging point installation limits it too.

Anything over this and electric electric car charging point installation would need a separate electric supply.

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