New Build House

Why I never advise buying a new build

Hi Jeff. Am tearing what’s left of my hair out over my new build Bloor home and wondered if I could get some advice.

It’s fully abutted by a terraced house on one side and partially abutted by a flat over a garage the other. So on the flat side, part of the wall is open to the elements. Internally, those parts of the house are cold and prone to mould. Housebuilder is claiming it has done job to spec yet why is a new house suffering from this affliction if that’s the case? Construction is render, block, filled cavity, block, plasterboard.

Many other things about the house and garden leads me to assume it’s been bodged but with the builder refusing to budge, where can one go for redress? (If it’s at all possible?)

Never buy a mass built new build!

When you buy a new build house from a developer you have no consumer rights. New homes are not covered by the Sale of Goods Act. You have more rights if you buy anything from the supermarket than if you buy a new home. That’s why I have always advised readers not to buy new homes.

However, the builder may have a policy which will act as a warranty for defects. But be aware that many policies, have exceptions for damp, condensation or shrinkage.

Your builder would have also completed an energy assessment. You could contact and independent party to re-evaluate this if your home feels much colder during those winter months.

Who else can I turn too?

If the builder can no longer help with your complaint, the next step would be an independent dispute resolution service. You will need to provide all the evidence you have and have three months from your last communication with the builder to submit a dispute.

The best info I could find is here:

What does the home warranty cover me for

This depends on the policy taken out by the builder but you will be given a help guide from the builder, conveyancing solictor or warranty provider. You should read this carefully.